Phoenix Tattoo Designs For Girls

Posted by – January 27, 2013

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A phoenix is an art & symbol of rebirth and immortality. The mystery of this bird is fascinated people for centuries. This fabulous status entices many to visit a tattoo artist and their body with a tribal tattoo design phoenix drawing. Thousands of girls and boys have used tattoos to express themselves using their body as a canvas for the presentation of their faith. Tribal tattoos are very popular recently with many choosing to get a traditional design in itself. One of the most popular tattoo is the phoenix bird tribal tattoos. This is a good choice for a tattoo design makes use of a wide range of colors. There are many great stories associated with the mythical Phoenix bird and the most talked about is the year when the bird rises from its ashes to live forever.

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A bird with colorful feathers and a strong will have the great look on girl’s body. The Phoenix made a mark in many ancient cultures like Greek, Chinese and Persian. It is also known as the fire bird because it was believed that the bird flew to the sun and the heat was on earth. In our great collection of Greek ancient you can see images of the bird with fire all around. Some peoples even believed that the Phoenix bird was the spirit of the Sun, and they worshiped him. The Egyptians believed in the concept of life after death and immortality, and were fascinated by the concept of a fire bird that represented the sun god. Let’s see a nice collection of the phoenix bird tribal tattoo designs.

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